Upon moving to Williamsburg, located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, I became fascinated with hipster culture. I began frequenting the local internet cafe and going to Tuesday night movie showings at McCarren, anxious to observe them in their natural setting. “Oh the ridiculous hipsters,” I would think to myself, smiling on the inside.

But then something unexpected happened – I began to encounter people who described me – ME!- as a hipster. “Nonsense,” I thought. But I began to worry that what they said was true. I began casually surveying my friends across the country on the matter, slipping the question into related conversations, and have gotten a variety of responses.

JK: Nah. You actually care about stuff.

DK: Yeah. If you’re asking, you already know the answer.

AL: No way. Your school had a football team. And they actually won games!

HJ: I don’t know. Did you get that dress at the Salvation Army?

But it was really from Value World so HA! Sensing an impending identity crisis, I began to investigate what exactly it means to be hipster. And so this blog was born.

I still don’t know if I’m a hipster or not, and I don’t think I ever will. By vehemently denying my hipsterdom, I automatically become one, while if I accept… well, I don’t know what that makes me. Nobody wants to be a hipster.

I guess that means the choice is up to you. Post in the comment box if you have an opinion (hint: hipsters don’t have opinions about anything besides fashion and music).



My hipster dilemma Part 2

I don’t know if this blogging venture is getting to me or what, but this weekend, I had the most hipster moment of my entire existence.

The afternoon sun deceptively boasted an atmosphere suitable for lounging around, but my best friend had to catch a plane to France and time was of the essence. It was noon when I left for The Lodge, and I knew I would have to hurry and chug those buy-one-get-one bloody Marys so she could leave for the airport by 1:30.

The hipster moment started when we realized it was 1:45 and did not yet have the check.

“Oh shit, I have to go. I haven’t even packed yet. We have to hurry!” my friend recognized. (Note: As you may know, hurrying is not something that hipsters are capable of.)

We were out of there like the troops in Iraq. The waitress took forever to get the check, which is usually part of the charm of the place but today added to the intensity of the situation; I didn’t want to rush the waitress too much, as it might damage my street cred, so I tried my best to Jedi-mind-trick her into hurrying, which did not work. When the check came 10 minutes later, I chugged the rest of my drink and we rushed out the side door!

We had not gone two feet before I stopped to bum a cigarette from a guy standing nearby. He told me that I could only have one if I packed them for him, which I expertly did. I felt guilty for wasting more time when we were trying to rush, but I firmly believe a cigarette is an absolute necessity after, if not during, bloody Mary brunches. I looked over at my friend, expecting to see her waiting impatiently or walking away without me. But alas, she had sidetracked only moments after me and was happily petting a young Labrador retriever!

We discussed our failure as we made our way across the street, attempting to light the single cigarette with a pack of soggy matches and stopping ever few feet to shield from the wind. We finally got it lit and proceeded to rush onward toward my apartment, where we were going so she could find out what airlines she was flying.

This time, we did not make it one block before we came across a hipster goldmine! There were two boxes filled with rejected hipster treasures – I could see perfect attire for an “ugly sweater” party atop the mass. We both stopped at the exact same moment, looked at each other and dove for the boxes! The ugly sweater was instantly mine but we grabbed the ULTIMATE IRONIC T-SHIRT — a royal blue remnant from a JP Morgan Chase event that read “Corporate Challenge” in bold print across the front — at the exact same time, proceeded to run around the boxes laughing hysterically and fighting over the item, which she eventually relinquished. I mean, given my recent failure/success with the corporation, I couldn’t not own that shirt. She found a skirt that she put on over her black dress in the middle of the sidewalk and modeled it in a car window for the next minute.

Finally, we remembered that we were supposed to be RUSHING and snapped to! We strolled quickly down the street with our armfuls of treasure and attempted to finish the cigarette, only to find it had gone out! We went through the ordeal of relighting it with the matches, and proceeded onward, panting and smoking our way to my doorstep.

When we arrived, we felt triumphant, yet knew our mission was not complete. Alas, half of the cigarette still remained. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried this before, but it produces very conflicting emotions when you are trying to rush and leisurely smoke a post-brunch cigarette at the same time. The result was a fit of laughter that rendered me incapable of unlocking the door.

When we finally made it upstairs, we spilled into my apartment and made a run for my computer. As my friend opened her email, switched tabs to check Gawker, and went back to her email, we both acknowledged that this had quite possibly been the most magnanimous hipster moment of both of our lives.

As I walked to work ten minutes later, I reflected on the situation, not knowing what to think about it. It was only one time! It doesn’t mean anything. But I think, in some ways, Williamsburg is having its effects on me. To that, all I can say is Jesus, this fucking neighborhood.


91 Responses to “My hipster dilemma”

  1. dave4 said

    in 2008 “hipster” doesn’t mean anything. oh you say, what about sunglasses? skinny jeans?

    vice magazine promoted what many could say is hipster culture for years, and now those guys are doing vbs.tv producing some of the best independent journalism on subjects like sudan, north korea, and toxic greenpoint. watch some of their stuff. it’s incredible.

    and they care about shit. are they still hipsters? seriously why does this matter?

  2. Kristoffer said

    dave4 is a hipster, methinks.

  3. Josiah said

    Lol. I wear tight jeans, sunglasses, and ride a fixed-gear. But I’m not a hipster.

    Is hipster just a New York thing? Cause I’m from Cali…


  4. B.H. said

    Josiah is a hipster because hipsters are always in denial of their condition thus making it a prerequisite. Such irony.


  5. kc said

    lol ok hipsters are everywhere and most hipster dont realize that they are indeed a hipster. here it seems to be portrayed as a bad think but i say if you want to spend hours picking out the perfect hip outfit well thats your business… keep on hipsterin

  6. bf said

    Since when is Williamsburg the heart of Brooklyn?

  7. $ said

    williamsburg is the SOUL of brooklyn.

  8. I just wear lots of professional sports team gear now. I like to give off the “call me a hipster and i’ll punch you in the throat” type of thing. Just kidding.

    Why does everyone get so mad about it anyways? I forget who said it recently, but the quote was something like “Hipsters are just grown up ravers.”

    I can dig that.

  9. chris said

    Oh fuck! I’m 28, I used to be a raver and I happen to live in Williamsburg. Does that make me a hipster too? I thought hipsters have this rude air of superiority? I don’t have that.

  10. Awesome said

    you guys are dickheads, I’m the only hipster here

  11. Real Talk said

    you guys wanna know the real deal?

    Hipsters are fools who are actually ‘trying’ to be Hipsters… trying to live the so-called ‘creative’ lifestyles that are associated with ‘creativity’ (hence why they won’t admit to being a hipster – as if you’ll admit to trying to be something you wernt originally). So they’ll either pick up a guitar, paint-brush or a mac-book and have a go at artistic skill. They have literally submerged the creative world in talentless shit while the real Creatives (who are actually paid for their work) lean back and laugh.

    But hey, nothing to complain about – just another marketing segment to capitalize on. Who really cares about the name? Call ’em what you will, they’re still a corporate target, no matter what they say.

    The reason why Hipsters appear apathetic in nature is because they get it from us (those who are currently working in media/creative fields) I don’t know about you you but I’m a writer and I’m over my job. Only because my company sucks the life-blood out of me on a daily… hence the reason why I’ve become ‘apathetic’ towards my work and the lifestyle associated with it.

    Hipsters unfortunately ‘monkey-see monkey-do’ and adopt the apathy as a necessary addition to their persona – when they don’t even know what its like to work 9-5 and doing what you supposedly love.

    I know this opens the flood-gates to a whole onslaught of issues but we’re addressing the whole “Am I a Hipster” thing. Yes… maybe you are… maybe I am… but these kids running around NY… they are just fakes responding to an upbringing of false idols and dreams.

    peace / stay sweet *two fingers up (reversed no-less)



  13. hipsterEND said

    kill yourself already.

  14. Brandon said

    Value World? Are you from Michigan?

  15. kanti said

    urban outfitters+person=hilfiger

  16. Tom said

    A hipster is someone that grew up in the suburbs and moved to the the city after attending an arts college. It is mosdef a pejorative term, unless one hipster is calling another a hipsta…then it is okay.

  17. emilywsussman said

    There are degenerates in every cultural group.
    There are also smart, talented, well-intentioned people in every group.
    How are “hipsters” any different? How can you make such a sweeping generalization?

    There’s this weird, vague resentment, I think, because we generally tend to be a young, good-looking crowd whose “members” didn’t start having babies at age 19 — hence, a lack of a hefty financial obligation that would otherwise force them to become Middle Americans. (Yeah, I live in Missouri.)

  18. al said

    a jp morgan chase event shirt is in no way an ‘ultimate ironic tshirt’. my highschool friend (in 1994 mind you) wore a shirt that said, ‘i’m too sexy for my diaper.’ even my (also in highschool) superdad (i’m a lady) shirt is more ironic than a jp morgan event shirt. you think a jp morgan event is really the antithesis of anywhere you might ever be? i bet you go to corporate rock concerts and various other corporate stuff so i’d guess you aren’t that far off from attending a jp morgan event.

    • abby said

      The joke is that is says “Cooperate Challenge” in a context very far from how that phrase might (is/was/should be) used to describe JP Morgan now. It’s like some sort of creepy accidental acknowledgement of their future…

  19. Luke said

    Oh man, I just started a blog about hipsters in Portland, which is probably the capital of hipsters on the west coast. I would love to trade notes, your blog is great!


  20. contemptorarycrap said

    whether you’re a hipster or not, i don’t know. but you def. are an interesting writer.

  21. sam said

    leave that dumb neighborhood / city.

  22. be_are_why said

    I am the self proclaimed Anti-Hipster.
    I live in NJ, commute on a bus to NYC.
    I never hear the term Bridge & Tunnel crowd ever associated with the BKLYN crowd? hmmm why is that?

    I went to a hoity-toity Art School have a BFA & MFA and work as an Art Director/Creative Director for the most un-hip online publication.

    read my pain if you want a counter point to hipsterness.


  23. b4icu2 said

    ironic that anti-hipster person is hipster person.

  24. test said

    im salt. i just spent like a whole 30 minutes reading this pointless blog. hipster is just a young term that kids with no real self esteem label themselves. Sometimes when your such a loser you need to blend into a crowd to fit in. Thats why some hipsters are so arrogant.. usually its teens that think they are the shit or people in coffee shops that think reading a lame book will make them seem smarter. Look hipsters.. the verizon guy got the gig ok. so for the rest of you verizon they might be giants wanna be dressers.. find a real career instead of 8 years of art school and 10 years of working at kinkos. its like the mac and pc commercial.. mac makes fun of pc for being a dork and mac is a hipster.. well hipster works at kinkos.. pc dork writes code and makes 100k a year.. hmm maybe i should be a hipster and live off my parents. lol

    • essie said

      i think half the people who everyone considers hipsters are just normal people who like what they like and not to TRY to be anything. how are they any different from businessmen who all wear the same suits and then happen to all go home and watch football? they just all happen to like the same thing. and when somebody likes similar things they all hang out together. thats why it seems like there are so many and they are all cliquie. maybe they arent creative but they just do what they like! most “hipsters” dont try to hate or like anything they just do what they want! is that so horrible? “jocks” all like sports and stuff, and “preps” all wear collars and are polite and clean! but lets just get rid of stereotypes they are so STUPID!!!!

  25. b kewl said

    why ru guys so angry at hipsters? viva la vida – coldplay

  26. JustMe said

    I love Real Talk’s talk! And furthermore think that beeing yourself is the most real thing!

  27. Tito said

    The best orgasm i ever had was in a motel bathroom at 4 in the morning. this virgin slut with hams for ass and i porked next to the twin bed where my friend and his squeeze pretended to sleep. so we rush into the restroom for privacy and i guess i really worked up a mean ol’ jizz because i came with such splendor. every time i throbbed after coming was like replay, replay i guess it was a multiple orgasm. the best part was i walk out covered in sweat with a small towel wrapped ’round, walk out the room, jump over the pool fence and float backwards in the water, still with a boner. We can’t decide who was happier, me or my dick. i dunno about hipsters, i mean i like original, inexpensive, non-advertisement-slapped on my chest clothing but there are more important things. Like saving a life or getting laid.

  28. Kat said

    Love the freakin blog, glad i found it. Im trying to keep my readers out of the hipster pit but its hard! Ill add a link to your blog on mine :D that should do it.

  29. Tcaster said

    I went to art school, shopped at thrift stores,played in a band, drank at Teddy’s and the Turkey Nest, recorded at Coyote and lived on the
    corner of Kent and Metropolitan……….in 1988!
    BTW – is the Nest still a cop bar?

  30. forestgnome said

    I feel like I might be completely missing the point of this, so forgive me if this is inappropriate or off-topic.

    The word “hipster”, like “terrorist”, “Environmentalist”, “patriot”, “Green”, “conservative”, and “hippie”, has lost all meaning in today’s language. It no longer functions as a way to describe anything, it’s just a nonsensical series of syllables that are so completely defined by personal interpretation and bias that they cannot be used in coherent sentences. All of these words should be stricken from the language for at least 200 years. The amount of debate in both the internet communities and general public about these words (and “hipster” especially) has far outweighed the potential benefit that any conclusion might carry.

    I am a gun-rights-advocating, fixed-gear-riding supporter of smaller government and higher taxes. I wear tight jeans and corduroy jackets. I also wear buckskins that I tan, and black-and-white patches. I built my house. I live on a farm and cut my own firewood. I love bear vs. shark, the grateful dead, streetlight manifesto, the books, Krishna das, leftover crack, and zeppelin. I like civil liberties, health care, state’s rights, and independent thought. I occasionally take mushrooms but I no longer think marijuana is a good idea for me. I love beer passionately and prefer to home brew it. I love men and women. I am pro-abortion (yes I mean it with that phrasing) and pro-death penalty.

    Go ahead; find a box to put me in. Do you see my point? As soon as you define a subculture in any way, you alienate people who you might really get along with. These lines of separation are not constructive at all. You are an individual with your own ideology and beliefs. To try and identify with any particular subculture or not limits your growth and receptivity to beautiful people. If you see something doing something that looks like fun, try it and see how it feels. If you find people you like, enjoy their company and learn together. Personally, I have never found labeling myself or anyone else helpful in my growth or theirs.

    I love you all. Enjoy the day. =)

    quasso regimen,
    carpe iter.

  31. Jessica said

    I remember the day I discovered I was a hipster. lol

  32. Greg said

    look, just move out of Williamsburg.
    Thats it, instantly back to being whatever you were before. Hipsters can’t bear to think of not living in over priced hip housing.
    I had a similar identity crisis when I lived in Bushwick, what hipsters like to call East Williamsburg. It’s just hard to consider that life, like freshmen dorms for eternity. I lived at the infamous 255 McKibbin lofts so I know of the hipster well.

  33. GVH said

    I think forestgnome is an asshole. There’s a box!

  34. dfondrick said

    Well said forestgome.

  35. oaklandchild said

    yeah, sorry you are definitely a hipster

  36. mia. said

    hipsters (to me) worry more about themselves and their surface identity as cool, artistic individuals than any real cause or singular passion.

    that said, if you had a real cause or singular passion, why do you dedicate enough time to start a blog obsessed with hipsters? that to me states more than anything…

    you are one. whether you deny it or not. find something you love, forget the hipsters, and pursue that.

  37. Anti-hero said

    I’ve seen alot of people I went to school with become hipsters. They’re arrogant fucks. It was kids that couldn’t handle the masculinity of even a mid-size towns punk scene, so they rip off the look from a kanye west video, stop eating protein, and listen to the albums from the record store no one wants. It’s a fight club vs american beauty scenario; one can take a hard lifestyle, and the other acts like they do.

  38. aritzbm said

    hipsters dont exist.
    those who choose to call themselves hispters are only learning to roll their own cigarettes….
    hipsters have died… we only indivuduals… who do our own thing… snort coke cause we enjoy it… wear the clothes that fit us– smell funny cause showers become optional or not a necessity… being a hipster nowadays is a manhattan thing… us in williamsburg are just trying to survive and have a good time in the process…. hipsta hip will always ride alone… do his or her own thing… be it creative or corporate…. doesnt matter… a hipster is defined by the way they feel by waking up in the morning. you choose to suck authority´s or society´s cock at a regular basis… you not human… you not hip you not progressive… you just a cow munching on grass… and they plenty of you…. a hipster rides alone… wear watever is in their back… face life a moment at a time and will forever deny they hipsters…..
    hipster culture has died… it is too convoluted and plagued by yuppies for it to be true…. once it becomes a recognized culture it stops being true…
    hipster should not exist no more….
    lets start calling ourselves by our names…. thats who we are after all….
    how do you take a cow out of a pool????
    why the fuck did she get in it in the first place…..
    leave her…… throw a cat with her instead… itll be easier to carry a cat out of a pool….
    and always remember… eating is a comodity…
    eat thru the nose…..
    it requires less protein.
    long live williamsburg.

    • this guy over here said


      p.s. i probably write really awful poetry

  39. essie said

    Maybe i am a hipster but i dont consider it a bad thing. I like photography and retro tee shirts and sarcasm and nerd glasses but i also happen to like mainstream movies and starbucks and hollister. i do tons of stuff that people think hipsters are stupid for but i do it because i like to not to fit in some stupid category! and many hipsters arent lazy adolecents who live off their parents! some of us work just enough to get what we care about and can have time to do what we like but we are still happy with the simple things in life and do things with friends and dont care as much about money because they are happy without it!

  40. I like how hipsters focus on clothes and art instead of sciences and business.

    You know, things that matter that the world runs on.

  41. If you’re reading this, then you are a hipster and you KNOW it and you consciously EVOLVED into a HIPSTER and you SECRETLY love being a HIPSTER and your shoes give you away every time.

  42. Methinks aritzbm is the perfect example of a hipster, or urban skintone terrorist. He denies he is a hipster by being hip about it. He would be voted Homecoming Hipster. When he parades down Bedford Avenue, he’s got one thing and one thing only on his mind: hot, throbbing cock!

  43. nick said

    does anyone mind if I hipster it up for my Halloween costume?? …too late I’m already going to do it! thinking about it now. ~snicker~

  44. How come noone has pointed out two huge evidences of your hipsterness???
    You smoke (not even industrial cigarettes) like Europeans do and your friend is going to France!!! THAT is so hipster and this is the one thing that hipsters can loose confidence about: they can never be as cool as born and raised Parisians (or so they think)… ;-)

  45. Katy said

    Your blog is hilarious. Can we be friends?

    Here’s my take on all of this: Besides the fact that my boyfriend just shaved off his killer handlebar mustache before mounting his fixed gear bicycle (used to live in NYC, used to be a messenger, stupidly hip right?) to go make crazy delicious coffee downtown. And I am currently relaxing in some faux leather spandex, thrifted top, with two kittens and dreaming of making an amp cover that I will embroider my favorite Arrested Development quote on makes me the mother of all hipsters? OR on the contrary just totally awesome? OR a giant loser (to those who were thinking it.) I don’t care. My life is fantastic. My career is on the go. And embroidery is endless amounts of fun.
    In the end, I think we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves from time to time. Don’t let someone else beat you to it.

    Or be apathetic about it…I mean…whatevs.

  46. Katie said

    I went to design school with a whole bunch of herd animal type hipsters,traumatising experience.I was a hipster in university but in your later twenties it becomes too exhausting getting the scissor earrings,saddam scarf,giant glasses and I hate conceptual baby in incubator art which didnt help at all.They cluster alike so much now that I can’t tell any of them apart,it is a wonderful foot foward though for all those boys that were bashed in high school I think.The equivalent of wiliamsburg is melbourne [hipster heaven] here in Australia, with almost no particularly australian characteristics at all to seperate ours from yours. Hipsters like chavs seem to be able to translate their herd animal tendencies across countries and reigions.

  47. Nathanael said

    Yeah it strikes me that the underlying theme behind all this hipster hate is a dislike of what the haters are perceiving as hipster attitues: arrogance, lack of originality while prescribing to originality, apathy, nihilism (ever try arguing with someone who doesn’t care about what they’re arguing about?), and a lack of genuinity. Well, I have news: these traits are and always will be a part of any culture. You’ll always have the ‘true originals’ and the ‘followers’ who just don’t really get it but pretend to. You’ll have the really sharp-witted, and the slack-jawed. You’ll have the artistic, and those who aspire to be. You think this is something new, something that’s only just sweeping our contry? Conformity vs. Originality has been a theme in art and culture since the dawn of time. Read Ecclesiastes: it was written by King Solomon in the 4th century BC and the majority of the book is written in a completely ironic tone. This is coming from the same guy who famously wrote “there is nothing new under the sun”. So seriously, stop hating. I can totally understand you trying to find your identity and place in the world. But for goodness sake, the most original things about you are what’s in your head and what’s in your heart, so look there, not at what you’re wearing or what the kids in Williamsburg are wearing or what Weezer are wearing. You only box yourself into the cardigan-shaped container when you spend your time thinking about it. You’re people. They’re people. People have always been people. And you never know, the guy who you’d totally write off as some up-himself hipster may actually turn out to be really nice and open-minded, and just happens to follow fashion trends because hey, it’s kind of funny to wear a silly looking hat, it’s kind of fun to grow Victorian-style mutton chops or wear skinny jeans. It’s fun to look silly, and it’s in a way really liberating to wear whatever the hell you want and hey no one can measure your level of success at trying to look like something, because you’re not trying to look like anything. I didn’t know it at the time, but I totally went through a hipster time in my life about 6 years ago (I was 16, at College studying Physics). I’d always been a pretty geeky kid, on a bit of a fringe socially and pretty shy, and I got to College and finally just, well, embraced it. I got so tired of trying to do my hair nicely, tired of picking out clothes, and just thought: FUCKTHISBULLSHITIMGRABBINGWHATEVERTHEFUCKSINMYCLOSETANDLEAVINGTHEHOUSEANDIMNOTGOINGTOGIVEASHITWHATPOEPLETHINKBECAUSEIMSOFUCKINGTIREDOFWORRYINGABOUTIT
    And I felt really good. I got made fun of a lot. I was one of the very few hipster kids at my school, and yeah we got made fun of a lot, but it made it ok to get made fun of because that was the whole point! I MEANT to look terrible, and people were going to make fun of me anyway, so why not find a way of coping? Given, it was much more mild back then; I wore baggy jeans (tight were in fashion in London at the time), waistcoats, had a pocket watch, a greatcoat a la Sherlock Holmes, skater shoes, a combo of old shirts and bright shirts, and long hair that went between spiked and ponytail. Things are fairly different now, but the ideas are the same. And now you’d never know it if you passed me in the street. I got older, I got a girlfriend, I got a job that pays ok and means something to me, but most of all I realized that the only way I’d ever break out of the packaging, be able to truely define myself, be original and do my own thing was to stop thinking about it. So seriously, don’t worry about being a hipster. If you like ironic clothing, or you like tight jeans or your grandma’s sweaters, go with that. Just don’t let it define you.

  48. Nathanael said

    Oh I forgot to include one of my favourite quotes:

    “Bearing a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die”.

    So give yourself a rest from your anger and remember that hateful people are usually hateful because they’ve been hurt.

  49. Jim said

    So much talk about Brooklyn, but no discussion of hipsters is complete without reference to Los Feliz and Silver Lake in LA. That is the mecca of hipsterdom!

  50. justin said

    you have your own blog. you are a hipster.

  51. Caroline said

    HAHA dave4 is def a hipster. hipsters hate the fact that they are hipsters

  52. sammie said

    um, why’d you move to williamsburg if you don’t want to be a hipster? and please, since you ARE, indeed, a hipster, please move back to idaho or ohio or wherever so brooklyn can redeem its integrity just a little bit.

  53. Juan-Paulo said

    You’re a hipster when you wear or decide to stop wearing ironic shirts or flashy clothing because everyone else is. You’re not if you don’t give a shit and just do what pleases you while still being conscious of others.

  54. stricktlyrudeNYC said

    i was born and raised in brooklyn,spent most of my life being this sorta skinhead/punker,going to shows in the l.e.s. and the williamsburg area,i got to admit the gentrification ive seen in recent years has been heart breaking,chipping away at my hoods identity turning it into a punch line,but its mostly the attitude of the kids who move here from where ever to be hip or what not and act like they own the place,its that attitude that really bothers me about that crowd,thats who i always thought the hippsters were,i mean i wear stretch jeans and old band tshirts but im not a stuck up asshole(unless you count my blatent localism) i just love music and watching bands play and this is where i was born so this is where i do that but i supose alota you would call me a hippster if you saw me on the street,yet i support myself woking manual labor,and i dont like art—fuck i just relized what a self righteous hippster i sound like…guess i should grow a beard now…

  55. Vuqjrt said

    The people who continue to defend hipsters never saw one of their smug shit eating grins before.

  56. are there nice hipsters? said

    what an awesome comment ^^

    I don’t mind hipsters that much, I’d like to go to trendy bars and dress cool if I could be bothered. But I resent that they must think they have better taste in music than me because of it.

  57. A recap on how we got to hipsters through the evolution of the America’s counter culture: beats to hippies to punks to grunge to alternative to emo to hipster. But with hipster we somehow have a counter culture that is expensive and exclusive. Like the popular girls in middle school, hipsters need constant validation that they are cool or ahead of the style curve. Social networking sites of the ADD generation such as Facebook and Twitter serve to feed the addiction of continuous acceptance into the popular crowd. Previous versions of the counter culture at least had the pretense of standing for something such as anti-war or anti-establishment but the only thing the hipsters seem to care about is their self-absorbed obsession of feeling unique and having more festivals to celebrate and show-off their uniqueness. The obvious problem is that when you have thirty wannabe Woodstocks a year, each sponsored by a different giant corporation, the hipster movement comes out on the canvas as a blur of noise with no message or meaning. Most recently we have traded in gothy, morose emo kids for uppity, fad crazed hipsters. The music industry shifted from gangster rap and alternative rock to semi-theft sampling and fly bye night DJ’s. DJ sampling and Synth-pop cannot convey the emotions of love and lost, despair and salvation. Hipsters are sucking soul out of music. When will it be cool again to value originality, composition, and actual talent? History will look back on the hipsters as a shallow, self-entitled counter culture phenomenon. For myself, I guess I am glad that in the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.

  58. jotica said

    Lol, I had to laugh at this – “since when is williamsburg the heart of brooklyn?”

    Since HIPSTERS moved there.
    To them, Williamsburg is the heart of Brooklyn, because it’s all of Brooklyn they really know (ok, maybe they’ve ventured into greenpoint, or fort greene or something, but not far).

    And to everyone: hipsters do exist and to the blogger: you are one. Seriously. Or at least, you’re becoming one. If you run now, get a life, stop dressing retarded, join the rest of the world, you might have a chance.

  59. Josh said

    uh if you’re so worried you’re a hipster then i guess you are one. who gives a shit, loads of non hipsters are douche bags and not all hipsters fucking retarded so i guess it’s your call but it’s a waste of time to create an entire website dedicated to proving that you aren’t a douche, it just makes you look douchey.

  60. Hipster said

    Lots of people, like the CEO of American Apparel and Time magazine are hipster haters. They need a good slap in the face.

    • Homer Simpson saying "Doh!" said

      American Apparel, the drag queens of the hipster species, denouncing hipsterdom? Doesn’t that statement alone sum up the entire hipster discussion in a nutshell?

  61. Saint Muno said

    You fucking hipster! Dont worry, ulgy sweaters are a good thing… free ones are even better! But yeah, i made the switch to rolls with bambu paper and loose tobacco since i got sick of tipped cigars and overly sweet shit even if its a tough black guy thing and that makes it hardcore and ironic… but yeah roll roll roll a smoke, gently pack the ends, light it up and take a puff and get some indie cred!

  62. http://jrnalism.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/the-original-gangster/ maybe this post will give you some insight. Hipster culture is build on nothing but superficiality and denial that YOU are in fact like everyone else. I mean think it’s great that you so openly admit that you may be a hipster but seriously man, don’t you want to be more than to be classified a hipster?! Don’t you want to be good at sports, art, have a hobby?! Would love to hear your opinion. but yeah :) In my eyes you are a hipster

  63. seriously, by now everyone is a hipster. who cares.

  64. rose said

    Really? If you deny your a hipster its because you reaaally aren’t, for fucks sake not everything needs to have el. Your just you. People need to chill the fuck up why do you guys need to fight for everything jeez its just a word.

  65. […] blog. If you want logic, subscribe to a magazine or buy a book. Pardon my double-entendre, Lola Wakefield, but people come here for the cheesecake. Logical arguments are a dime a dozen on the Internet, […]

  66. Cherry said

    What I have observed that people referred to as hipsters are people that don’t think they are a hipster; these people are especially to be considered a hipster if multiple people have mentioned them in the context of relating to anything that would be defined as a hipster quality. Someone is also a likely hipster candidate if they secretly obsess over current popular trends associated with hipster fashion and wish that someone would compliment them every time you wear plastic-lensed, thick-framed, feux glasses (However please note that there is a good chance if one finds that the second definition describes them at all, they may also simply be a teenage girl, and hashtag beiber anything is in all of their tweets.) Other very common hipster trends include: owning at least one but usually 2 or 3 different apple products, having an instagram and using it multiple times on a daily basis, an obsession with all things bicycle related, excessive knit cap wearing, galaxy print shoes and clothing, feather earrings, flannel shirts specifically worn in conjunction with leggings or skinny jeans, pretty much any music that is not or has ever been considered mainstream (with the exception of bands classified as indie), mustaches on their faces and fingers, calling oneself an anime nerd or video game nerd even though you previously have a history of bullying real video game and anime nerds in the past, and finally items with skulls on them (which tend to be trendy in most popularized pretend sub-cultures). Common hipster attitudes toward polotics and society include no one else’s opinion being relevant except their own. It is important to note that usually do very little research in order to form what they eventually perceive as absolute fact, and that they are prone to share these viewpoints openly with anyone who listens, as long as someone is willing to listen mindlessly agreeing and not form a rebuttal, because as previously stated there are simply so many better things to do than hear new opinions. Many hipsters play an instrument, or even more commonly pretend to. Cigarette smoking, specifically chain smoking, is also common, along with marijuana smoking, which includes social network broadcasts to verify this, binge drinking, also with social network acknowledgement of said drinking, and vegetarianism or veganism and you guessed it: the accompaniment of more social networking displays. Though not all of these things alone would necessarily be a defining term of a hipster, seeing this list and recognizing that the majority of our youth does fall into at least one of the above categories has me truly wondering if essentially hipsters aren’t just a generation of Americans who grew up in front of the television and maintained friendships first through aol instant messenger, then through myspace, and finally through facebook, because we have gotten so used to interacting with almost everything in life primarily by means of technology since it has given us the instant gratification that we instinctively crave as humans. As a result of our dependance on technology, “hipster” was a phrase coined to describe the current grouping of popularized mannerisms that has subconsciously been etched into our brains by the media.

  67. Marina said

    I didn’t read every single comment left here because I would puke, but no one seems to be talking about real things like emotions, love, actual creative, talented art, individualism, thought; all of what I just listed are things that do not describe a hipster. It’s as simple as that.

  68. rachel said

    wow you’re annoying

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  73. josh said

    I’d rather be a hipster than full of hate for hipsters. What is wrong with you people. Just live and let live. Let it fucking go

  74. Crespo said

    When a hipsters ratty unleashed dog bites you when you are just walking down the street the hipster will insult the bite victim and shows no compassion or remorse. Hipsters are a nuisance and have no respect.

    • I’m really late to this party here, but nothing has changed it got worse in Williamsburg. There was a mass “exodus” from Seattle a few years back like from Capitol Hill or wherever these people were to Williamsburg. I still remember what Williamsburg looked like before it became the hipster dome. Now it’s overpriced and looks like someone got a whole bunch of people together to shoot a bad eighties movie. Seriously, watch Say Anything and what could be more unintelligent and unoriginal. Everyone looks the same! I think this whole hipster culture is irritating. You guys all have so many issues: get real jobs and stop pretending you are on the brink of the next best idea ever with your wasted art and polluting music… Go see the world and finish school, newsflah: Woodstock is over and Bob Dylan is ready to die. You all brought your Midwestern and west coast problems out here. You’re not that cool and a dive bar is just another term for a junk yard. You’re dependent, addicted and soulless, you lack vision and original thought . You’re sad and stuck in a 17 year olds life in a 25 year olds body, grow up and stop poisoning Brooklyn . I hate hipsters and their attitudes. I don’t care if you call me a hipster, but I don’t live in Williamsburg or drink bloody Mary’s or wear fucking clothes from a garbage pail. Why look poor? Why not try to have self worth and dare to break the mould? Find yourself , look within and stop looking at what everyone does. Sheep people is what they really should call hipsters in Brooklyn. Grow up or go back to where you came from.

  75. […] freaking blog. If you want logic, subscribe to a magazine or buy a book. Pardon my double-entendre, Lola Wakefield, but people come here for the cheesecake. Logical arguments are a dime a dozen on the Internet, but […]

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