[Where’s Lola?]

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Greetings hipster readers!

By now, many of you may have been wondering where I am. You don’t have to write furious comments demanding my immediate blogging — I know how much I am missed.

Anyway, I have a pretty good excuse for slacking on the posting that doesn’t involve me falling into a vicious cycle of feeling increased pressure to be productive, getting anxious, letting my ADD drive me into a state of torpid procrastination thereby enhancing the pressure and worsening the cycle. Yes, it’s a much better explanation than that.

I got a job!

Not just any job, either: Pretty much my dream job. I’m working for the online section of my favorite publication managing a syndication of blogs that is the largest of its nature in the world. The company is relatively new and innovative and has the potential to drive social change in the most important of ways, so I am really happy to be there.

I know what you are thinking: “What could be more important than blogumenting about hipsters?!?!” Shh, I know. I agree with you that what I do here is important, and writing this blog makes me happy for the most part. That is why I will continue to post! It may not be as frequent as it used to be, but I should still have some free time… hopefully. You may have thought I was going to crap out. I even considered it, to keep from getting overwhelmed, but, nah. Quitting is for smokers — who are ready. And I am just not ready to quit. Shut up, mom.

So, bare with me and continue to enjoy my hipsterlicious prose!


8 Responses to “[Where’s Lola?]”

  1. diehipster said

    your mom reads this blog? Hey mom better get your precious lola back to the Midwest. Things are gonna get rough around here soon when the economy hits rock bottom. She and all the other pseudo cool people that have stolen our city and replaced it with irony will not last when things start burning and glass starts breaking and so on. It will not be possible to stroll down the street with a latte, a paint stain, and not a care in the world anymore. But don’t worry, us new yorkers will get through it and rebuild so that all the hipsters can come back in ten years and strut their stuff again and displace the hard working people of our neighborhoods again. Oh and good luck with your new job lola. Now you’ll have to get up in the morning. Yep it’s a rough life, sighhhhhh. Oh one more thing. Tell all the people in your office with thick frames that diehipster knows they have 20/20 vision.

  2. haha! said

    @diehipster: whoa, bitter much buddy? Just because young people are successful and happy in ways you will never be is not their fault.

    And as a life long NYer if “things start burning and glass starts breaking” in the city I will buy you an apartment in Bed Stuy to lessen your own unhappiness. Get a clue, loser.

    (And, please, we all know such complete unhappiness only stems from the fact that people have and are everything which you will never be)

  3. diehipster said

    relax haha, lola knows I was only kidding. But as a precaution, watch out for those 40oz’s flying at your head walking thru bushwick. Good luck in Brooklyn.

  4. haha! said

    I live in la ciudad, but thanks!

  5. cyrus said

    i love your commentary lola you complete my hipster existence in ways i didnt think possible.

  6. Wait. What publication is it? is it salon.com?

  7. boo radley said

    nice to see another wanna-be journalist/fashionista jumping on the bandwagon several years late.

  8. papillon said

    Post again soon kid ;) I can only get so much amusement out of re-reading the archives.

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