[Hipster scouting: The American Apparel factory]

Monday, September 22, 2008

Such as it is the common child’s goal to become an “astronaut” or “teacher” when they grow up, it is every hipster’s dream to work at the American Apparel factory. In this fantasy, they have access to all the hand-crafted onsies and leggings they could ever want and have regularly scheduled orgies after lunch, which consists of empanadas and Colt-45. But they may want to go back to the drawing board as there is one aspect of the job they have likely overlooked — namely that all AA factory workers risk losing fingers and other extremities to the sewing machine after being startled by CEO Dov Charney rampaging through the factory in a new underwear product and Hooters tank top.

Also, judging from that one guy’s medical-grade mask, the workers risk contracting SARS as well. And to throw one more bowling ball upon your shattered hipster dream, from this video it is apparent that 97.5 percent of the workers in the American Apparel factory are neither American nor do they wear any sort of stylish apparel (although one could easily smuggle out dozens of onsies and leggings at a time under those jumpers). It’s a good thing hipsters routinely get 12 hours of alcohol-induced sleep per night; they’ve got some dreaming to do.


Video referred by Howard Duesterberg for Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like ©2008


7 Responses to “[Hipster scouting: The American Apparel factory]”

  1. Luke said

    I don’t think I’d like to see any of those workers in the video wearing an american apparel onsie.

  2. juliet said

    cocaine…it’s a powerful drug…

  3. In this video all people enjoy alot i also love this underwear tell me i can purchase in black color.

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  5. I’d definitely avoid anything having to do with labor exploitation…even if I have walk down the streets stark naked. Its not good to promote labor exploitation anyways, by buying these ridiculous expensive clothing that has a profit for the company not for the laborers.

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