Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yeah... really.

Yeah... really. Not a joke (although I definitely will be as a contestant).

I’m pretty sure I have alluded to this in the past in my interview with Misha Calvert and in the previous entry, but the time has come to definitively announce that I, Lola Wakefield, will be a contestant in this Friday’s Mr and Miss Williamsburg pageant. This announcement may or may not have been expedited by the fact that the NY Post is outing my contestantness in today’s edition, but of course I wanted you, my dedicated readers, to hear it here from me first!

I’ve enjoyed the anonymity of having my WordPress avatar consisting of a strategically cropped photo revealing only my arm and a mysterious apple, but to commemorate the implementation of the new and improved Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like, I will stand before the hip, the indifferent, the bane of yuppie existence in all my hipster fence-sitting glory and allow myself to be judged. Who knows what will happen? Maybe this will determine my hipster status and resolve my dilemma once and for all? Maybe it will lead to a state of heightened ambiguity? Maybe I will be stoned off the stage (probably)! This is why, I will be sipping a strong beverage before, during and after the pageant which I invite you, dear reader, to buy for me! (Or if your trust fund is dwindling or whatever, I guess you can watch me sip). I can’t promise it won’t be awkward (it inevitably will) but it should be amusing at least

For some background on the pageant, it starts at 10 PM at Supreme Trading (N. 8th between Roebling and Driggs) and will probably last about two hours. Obviously, (ha, seriously obviously) there are going to be hella hipsters there. Think McCarren Park but more crowded and with more accessible booze!

And of course I will be there, being interviewed, sporting street wear and even performing a talent act! What talent, you might be wondering, does Lola Wakefield stored up her sleeve? Well, I’ll give you a clue: It starts with “blog” and ends in “ging.” I know what you’re thinking: “Blogging isn’t a performable talent! It’s what burgeoning writers who are stifled by the crippled economy do when they are bored at work!” But let me assure you that when I blog, it is epic.

Also, did I mention the lack of sobriety that is going to occur during this pageant? *Sigh* I don’t know why I thought this would be even a remotely good idea. It’s already starting to churn up agonizing memories of a previous pageant experience that I have worked very hard to beat down into my subconscious. Alas, the truth will probably come out at the pageant. So you should probably go — if not to support me or throw rocks at me, than to satiate your own burning curiosity about the face behind the expert hipster commentary.

See you there!

♥ Lola

Photo in the NY Post!

Photo in the NY Post!


Photo by Victoria Will for The New York Post.


4 Responses to “MR AND MISS WILLIAMSBURG PAGEANT- Yeah… I’m competing”

  1. red said

    Don’t forget to post the red bikini pics this time!

  2. Lola, I loved your act – and I’m not even a hipster! Your dress was adorable, and your blog sheet landed near my feet.. sadly, not close enough to grab for a souvenir. Can’t wait to read your review!

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