[Stuff I Don’t Like: WordPress]

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dear hipster lovers/haters/in-betweeners,

Over the next week, this site (that you love so much) is going under the knife! WordPress, the blogging platform that I’ve been using to deliver you cunning hipster commentary: so passé. I am tots over it. Massive reconstructive surgery will make it easier for me to work and for you to enjoy the site all-around. Posts might be sparse for the next few days while I work on this but once it’s all converted I will be more inclined than ever to bring you the latest from the Hipster Embassy AKA Bburg.

Stay cool,

(But not too cool because that would be super un-cool)

♥ Lola

Also, while drinking hard cider with my web designer yesterday and watching a crazed hydraulic excavator come inches from smashing passing cars (lol!), we made up this joke:

Q: How long does it take a hipster to get to McCarren Park?

A: Seven blocks.


8 Responses to “[Stuff I Don’t Like: WordPress]”

  1. Douglas said

    Hi there,

    Are you having any trouble with WordPress.com? I’d be more than happy to help you if you are. Feel free to email me and we can work to resolve any issues you might be having.

    WordPress.com Support

  2. Haha yes Douglas. I am having problems in that WordPress is apparently Big Brother! wtf?!

  3. Francesco said

    if Douglas is legit then thats creepy

  4. Tom said

    Why are you calling wordpress Big Brother? Can you provide an example please, thanks. I use blogger, but til now I hear wordpress was good. Peace

  5. Hi Tom and thank you for commenting. I think WordPress is pretty dec overall. The Big Brother comment was referring to the first post on this thread, which kind of freaks me out! The reason I am changing platforms is because WordPress is very limiting in design and feature options, and I do not like to be creatively confined when I have good ideas (which is perpetually) I am currently working with a web specialist with whom I really enjoy collaborating. It’s beneficial for all, and hopefully will be for the people who read this blog most of all.

  6. aeranis said


  7. Real Talk said


    WordPress is God…

    have you seen the ultimate potential of wp integrated design?

    obviously not.

  8. Ben said


    Lovely blog. I’d be interested to see the end product and to hear about you find the process of rebuilding with your very own web specialist (which I guess is the opposite of a web generalist).

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