#10) Police ruining their dance parties

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Like a good “citizen journalist,” I’ve been keeping tabs on the aftermath of Saturday’s riot hipster pseudo-mob party thing.

Turns out, five people ended up being arrested for things like “resisting arrest” and “inciting a riot.” That’s interesting that when other people pull someone the other direction as he is being grabbed by a cop, it is the person being grabbed’s resistance! I think the NYPD should invest in some lessons in physics to provide cops along with their first-class police training. It is also amusing that playing good music and sprinkling water droplets are not only illegal, but considered things that are capable of inciting riots. I will be extremely careful now to only play Cold Play and Fall Out Boy at work, otherwise the customers may start chanting and smashing computers!

Also in addition to the first YouTube video that was posted by Froozalicious, there are now a few more videos online that you can see here and here.

One of them looks like it is of a cop trying to attack a camera while it was video taping him. I would like to request that all members of the NYPD immediately join the facebook group, “I AM DEAD TO THE 21st CENTURY WORKFORCE; and I smash machines.” Better not let them use your computer to do it though.

The vids are from the same people who brought you that footage of that guy getting punched off his bike by a cop. (lmao! Sorry, I’ll bet that hurt a lot and it’s pretty fucked up that that happened, but omfg it’s fun to watch.)


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