[Weekend update: Hipster scamming at Barcade]

Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday night at Barcade (it’s a bar, and an arcade – and a hipster nerd hot spot), a hipster bought a single cigarette from me for $3. There was no haggling, I wasn’t being obstinate; $3 was the initial offer, which I skeptically accepted.

This proves that hipsters will pay up to 6 times the retail value of an object in order to look cool. In fact, they prefer to overpay – the more money an object is purchased for over its actual worth, the more sentimental value the object acquires in the hipster’s heart. This theorem can also be applied to vintage clothing, records and cocaine. However, if an object’s actual value is so low it is practically zero while the cost is astronomical, the object could not be considered anything other than scraps of trash, crossing into the category of “modern art.” This is more of a yuppie interest.


4 Responses to “[Weekend update: Hipster scamming at Barcade]”

  1. dave4 said

    um, hipsters haven’t gone to barcade in 2-3 years.

  2. Drooboo said

    You’re a total dumbass-ster for smoking in the first place. I’d rather watch hipsters on the sidewalk than breathe your shitty second hand smoke.

  3. […] venture to Manhattan, allowing Bedford Ave street vendors to jack up the price 200 percent, which hipsters are accustomed to paying.) It seems that the neon frames are the key to this technology, as the colors — which are […]

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